Perfect On-The-Go Superfood!

Anyday bites is made of natural ingredients of top quality!  No refined sugar, no artificial additives or other weard stuff      

Perfect snack for every occasion

This amazing snack can perfectly serve as a healthy alternative to sweets or be eaten before workout or just with a good cup of coffe, the choice is yours.

Your daily dose of energy

Here is our lovely freeze dried smoothie powders! Perfect natural superpower.
Just put it in the shaker - It won't take you even a minute and you can prepare it anytime and anywhere. Without added sugars, gluten, GMOs and sweeteners.

Freeze dried smoothies

One drink of anyday smoothie is equivalent to 300 gram of fruit and berries

Balanced supply of vitamins and a portion of energy that you can prepare anywhere, anytime, ANYDAY

All raw materials are freeze-dried precisely in order to preserve the necessary vitamins, fiber and all nutrients to the highest possible extent. According to current science, this form of treatment is the most effective way to maximize the shelf life of food with minimal loss of nutrients.


100% vegan and raw

Why will you love Anyday smoothies?

Our Smoothie mixes are processed using lyophilization – the most gentle method for preserving valuable nutrients, fiber and minerals. Preparing a smoothie drink is easy,all you need is water/milk and a shaker.

One smoothie drink is an alternative to more than
half of the daily intake of fruits and vegetables.


Fill with 300ml of water or milk

Squeeze the package to remove any lumps

Add the content  and close the bottle.

Vitamins and energy

Mix with water or milk and you're done within a minute

No GMO, sugars and artificial sweeteners

Delicious and balanced taste



Shake for about 30 seconds and then let stand for 30 seconds